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Getting ready to re-open....

We did not think we would be on hold for that long when we closed the arcade back in March but here we are, back and ready to welcome you back in our Virtual Reality Arcade in San Francisco at the Ghirardelli Square location. Everything has been virtual these past few months but nothing beats the fun of our virtual reality games. Did you miss us? We definitely missed you but have also kept busy preparing an even more unique and covid-19 safe experience for all our players and staff.

Just to be safe, we can only offer limited access to our arcade.

Please reserve online for your party of 6 to 8. We are open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from Noon to 7:00pm starting on Oct.23, 2020.

Just to be clear: no walk-ins possible at this time! Sorry!

For more info about our Covid-19 safety measures and rules, please check our COVID-19 page here...

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