April, 4th 2021

Dear friends of GamedayVR,


The health officer of the City and County of San Francisco recently issued a new order that allows family entertainment centers to open at 25% capacity.


In light of this and after much careful thought and planning, we have decided to start accepting reservations for private events at our Ghirardelli Square location on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.


At GamedayVR, the health and safety of our guests are our primary concerns, and we are taking a lot of measures to protect you.


When you book a private event at GamedayVR, the only other people in our venue will be our staff who will be wearing masks and gloves.  You and your guests will have exclusive use of our facility.


And all of the equipment inside will be thoroughly cleaned and sterilized prior to your group's arrival with both chemical disinfectants and Ultraviolet C radiation.


We also constantly filter the air in our space with Ultraviolet C-enabled air sterilizers.


We have also made gloves, hand sanitizers and disinfectant wipes readily available throughout our venue for your use.


You can now book a reservation online for an event with your family, friends or co-workers.  We promise to take good care of your group and to keep all of you as safe as we can.


In order to adhere to social distancing requirements, we are only accepting reservations for groups of 6-to-8 guests at this time.


We also ask that each guest in your group bring and wear a mask at all times.  We will provide you with a mask if you do not bring one.

And please let us know if you or any of your guests feel ill prior to the event.  We will be happy to issue a refund or reschedule the event at your option.

Thank you!

Your friends at GameDayVR 


When will GameDayVR re-open?

We are preparing to open (as of April 4th 2021) for private parties of 6 to 8 players on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from noon to 7:00 pm, starting on Sunday, April 18th.

Do you take reservations?

Yes! feel free to use our online booking system or contact our team at

Just in case things change,  will I be able to reschedule or cancel?

Yes! You can reschedule or cancel through the online booking system or by contacting our team at If you choose to cancel your time with us, we'll help you do so - no questions asked!

Is GameDayVR Arcade a safe environment to come to?

To this date, we have never had an injury at GameDayVR, and we have always made the safety of our guests and staff our top priority.

We have been sterilizing the equipment between games in our arcades for years, and we believe that we have created one of the safest public entertainment spaces possible in the City of San Francisco.
Here are some of the things that we do at GameDayVR to protect both our guests and our staff:

  • We use both chemical cleaners and Ultra Violet-C radiation to sterilize all of our equipment after each use.
  • We sterilize all of our surfaces with frequent chemical wipe downs.
  • We sterilize the air in our arcade with an Ultra Violet-C radiation-equipped air circulation and sterilization device.
  • We make sterilizing wipes, hand sanitizers and gloves available to all of our guests. You will find that these items are located everywhere inside our arcade.
Our arcade is also fully compliant with the SF Department of Public Health's six (6) feet social distancing requirement.
If you book a private reservation with us, only those persons in your group and our safety-trained staff will be present during your event. No strangers will be allowed inside the arcade.

Is GameDayVR staff going to request players to wear a mask while they play?

YES! no exception!

Will GameDayVR staff check the well-being of players when they arrive?

First of all, players sign our waiver when they reserve online so they commit to being healthy! We will gladly help them cancel if their status changed between the time they placed their reservation and the day of their event. All players will have to answer a set of standard Covid-19 questions upon their arrival and will be allowed in only if their answers satisfy the requirements established by the county and the city of San Francisco.

What are the health issues that GameDayVR consider as higher Covid-19 risk factors?

Asthma, any other chronic respiratory condition, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, a suppressed immune system due to cancer, chemotherapy or an immunodeficiency disease have been recognized by the the WHO (World Health Organization) as major Covid-19 risk factors.

Fever, fatigue, difficulty in breathing, dry cough or any of the other symptoms within the last 14 days have been associated with COVID-19 risk factors.

Will you let me play if I have been diagnosed to be infected with Covid-19?

Players need to confirm that they have not been diagnosed with Covid-19 infection within the last 30 days.