Frequently asked questions

Can I bring food, beverages, birthday cake etc.?

Groups with a reservation are welcome to bring food and beverages for their party. For planned group bookings we are happy to help coordinate catering or food from one our restaurant or caterer partners. Few rules: 0. A table will be set outside for you.
1. No Alcoholic beverage allowed. 2. No food or drink may be taken to the game stations 3. Gameday VR does not provide plates or plastic ware.
4. Gameday VR requests that any food garbage be fully cleaned up after eating. We do not provide clean up for things we don’t sell but we are happy to get you a garbage bag upon request.
5. Any food left unattended for an extended time will be thrown away/cleaned up at our discretion.

I want to bring a group - Are there tables, chairs, places to eat food?

YES - The space is available for birthday parties and other private events and a table can be set outside for you.

Will Virtual Reality make me sick?

GIVE IT A CHANCE! Virtual reality systems have come a long way! If it's your first experience of VR , make sure you’re doing it with a very high-end system like an HTC Vive. This will help minimize the chances of you feeling VR sickness and overall guarantee a better experience. We won't lie though! It might take you a few minutes to adapt to a VR experience. If you are prone to motion sickness, please ask and we'll help you pick games that we'll be more appropriate. WHAT IS VIRTUAL REALITY SICKNESS? VR sickness happens when you’re exposed to a VR environment and it causes symptoms similar to motion sickness. It’s different from motion sickness because real motion isn’t needed - it’s caused just by feeling like you’re moving. THE CHANGING HARDWARE Thanks to better optics, better tracking sensors, and more importantly - better response time/frame rates and resolution, less and less players experience VR sickness. THE CHANGING SOFTWARE In Plank, for example,there is no in-game locomotion and no visualization of the player's body. Despite this prepare for an amazing and engaging experience, free of VR sickness! ARE YOU READY NOW? We can't wait to Welcome you at any of our Gameday VR Locations and give you the tour!

What's Gameday VR Arcade?

Gameday VR is the latest most innovative entertainment destination! Get your first experience of Virtual Reality games in our arcades at various locations in the Bay Area. We have a wide collection of games to pick from! You can be immersed in a first-person shooter, arcade game, or simply an interactive experience. If VR is not your thing after all, tour our Augmented Reality latest exploratory environment/garden, or reserve a couple of eSports stations to play on a High-Speed LAN with your friends. Book your next group outing here whether it is a few friends celebrating a birthday or your whole company party.We can even bring the party and the equipment to you if that can make it easier for you.

Are there age restrictions?

Everybody is welcome at Gameday VR. We have games and experiences that are appropriate for all users 7 or older whether you like shooters, explorations, simulations and more…

Where are you located?

Please come visit our arcade at Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco .

What are your hours?

AT GHIRARDELLI SQUARE in San Francisco Friday, Saturday & Sunday: Noon to 7:00pm by reservations only - No walk-ins accepted.

How is parking?

At Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco, get the Best Parking App to find the most reasonable parking close to Ghirardelli Square or use public transportation

What do the games cost to play?

No tokens at Gameday VR! Check our " Pricing/BookNow" page: You pay by the experience, by the hour or for a party.

Do you serve food?

No, but you are more than welcome to bring in outside food or have food delivered for your party. No food can be brought in but we'll be happy to set a table outside for you and your guests, weather allows.

I am an artist - Can I display my art in your arcade?

Please contact us to send your portfolio for consideration.

Do you accept walk-ins?

Sorry no walk-ins accepted for now - please book online for a private event of 6 to 8 players.

What’s your refunds policy?

We will accept all cancelations and offer a refund - no questions asked.

Can I reserve a party here?

Yes! With Covid-19 still a threat, we can only accept reserved event for now and we would very much like to host your private party here at GamedayVR.

Venue Details

  • Gameday VR is a wheelchair accessible venue. We also allow services dogs so long as they comply with the ADA’s definition of a service animal.
  • There are bathrooms for our customers in shopping center at Ghirardelli Square.
  • You can safely store your bags at the front desk, so you can move through the experiences unencumbered.
  • If you feel you left an item at the venue you can ask an agent behind at the front desk. Or please email us using our web form.